“In a macroeconomic context, if you are only going to do few projects, make sure they are a success”

 Agustín Cuenca – CEO, ASPgems

At ASPgems we work by objectives, creating work bundles so that the project comes to fruition.
Bundle 4 in 1
  • The quality of our software is our hallmark.
  • At ASPgems, our work is driven by objectives.
  • We don’t do “body shopping”.
  • We work in partnership with our clients, step by step.
  • We bill for projects, not hours.
  • A price that is fair.
  • To carry out our projects we provide a bundle consisting of:
    • Senior developer.
    • Project manager or senior management.
    • Systems team.
    • Front-end design.
  • Each decision is created by the person who has the skills to do so.
  • The bundle guarantees project success.
  • The CTO provides quality assurance of the project and ensures appropriate technical decision-making.
  • You don’t have a developer, you have the entire ASPgems team.
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