From development to production

Initiation to the building and delivery of software

If you are thinking of working in a software development company, startups, or freelance developing products for customers, surely you have thought about where to start. What course can help you focus your ideas and how can you know if this will be your ‘world’? At ASPgems we believe that a good start will begin with basic concepts of programming and software development.

Learning Objectives

Understand the simplest way of deploying something into production today. This will give you initial insight of what professional software development is all about and what it is not.

In this course you will work in pairs. You can sign up with someone else, or we will assign you a course partner. This way of working in a team is part of the principles we believe it is important to learn.

Prize for the team that completes the course

If you and your partner finish the course, ASPgems will give you the registration fee for the next course given by ASPgems Training.

Course Overview

fecha de comienzo

Starting date to be confirmed

compatible con jornada laboral

Compatible with your workday

Hours of study per week

What will you learn?

  • How to set up a static website
  • A basic cycle of build -> deploy
  • Basic knowledge of Git
  • Basic knowledge of how to set up a local environment for development
  • Gitlab / Github or any other type of tool that allows the publication of static pages


The course takes place on the NeuroK online platform. A platform based on the principles of neurodidactics, which promotes participation and collaboration as the core of learning.

And what does this learning model consist of? Here we explain the methodology of the course:

  • The teacher will publish the basic contents of each learning unit and propose areas of research.
  • The student should look for related content and, after analyzing them, share them with the learning community.
  • The student must also evaluate (through critical opinion) the content shared by other members of the community.
  • The debate generated is moderated by the teacher’s criteria ensuring that the conclusions of this participation are appropriate.
  • Each learning unit includes one or several learning activities to put into practice what is being learned. The activity must be understood as a task to be thought and solved.
  • The teachers will decide whether to evaluate the activity themselves or by peer evaluation. It’s equally important to deliver an activity as it is to evaluate your peers.
  • The teacher’s role is to guide the students in the learning process, looking after and promoting everyone’s motivation.

How and when does it start?


Starting date:

To be confirmed



4 weeks

Carga lectiva semanal

Hours per week:

6 horas

The total duration of the course is 4 weeks. With an estimated dedication of the student of 6 hours per week.

One unit per week will be published with its corresponding learning activity. (With the activities we validate learning, these are not an evaluation).

Your teacher

Javier Lafora is the CTO at ASPgems, as well as an amateur musician and brewer. He has found in web development and programming (in general) a passion that allows him to afford his vices and hobbies.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • People with little experience in the professional development of applications.
  • If you have just finished university or higher education.
  • If you are a self-taught programmer wanting to refresh concepts.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

  • The candidate must be able to execute basic commands on the console.
  • Install Git.
  • Install Ruby (or any other development tool you prefer).

Any questions?

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