Online and blended courses designed from neurodidactics

At ASPgems we have developed a catalog of online and blended courses for high impact and at a low cost. Supported on the NeuroK platform, the courses are designed for, using motivation as an engine, learning by collaborating and doing.
NeuroK Learning Platform

Why training with ASPgems?

The number of training hours is increasing due to the constant rate of change in our environment.

The solution involves online training and digitally transforming the process.

E-learning has sacrificed process quality for cost, with NeuroK it is possible to maintain an excellent level of quality without the skyrocketing costs.

Collaborative training


Supported at NeuroK , our training projects seek to build learning communities where all participants learn by collaborating. We put motivation and participation at the center of the process. The content is within the organization or available on the Internet.

Expert teachers

The role of our teachers is not to state information, nor to explain content previously taught and described on the Internet. Our teachers are responsible for the motivation of the students, this essential value is paramount in leading the learning community towards the objectives of each individual student.

Blended / Online

Although we adapt to the needs of each project, our proposal is driven by a different way of doing online training that, combined with face-to-face activities, achieves increased participation and satisfaction of the learners, while continuing to be cost effective and cost regulated.


Our blended model allows us to offer courses with a reduced price for individual students, with no loss of training quality or participant satisfaction. Our courses are not built with pre-packed content containing more or less creativity according to the price.

Identification of talent

NeuroK allows the teacher and the course manager to regulate the participation of the students, measure their level of influence in the learning community and therefore, helps to identify hidden talent in the organization. Statistics help the teacher to get the best out of each learning community.

Talent training

A large percentage of training occurs within the workplace. NeuroK accelerates organizational learning helping knowledge and experience to be shared by the participants of the learning community.

Latest courses

Equipos Scrum

Introduction to Scrum

Scrum and Agile? It sounds familiar to me but I’m not 100% sure… If this is your case, this introductory course to Scrum is for you. A course that will clarify or refresh your memory on the concepts, and help you put them into practice with your projects.
Equipos Scrum

Statistics with R

With this course you will be able to use the open source R programming language / environment to perform descriptive statistical analysis of data.
Equipos Scrum

From development to production

A course that will help you focus ideas to start working in a software development company, start-up, as a freelance developer. At ASPgems we believe that a good start is, to begin with, is to learn the basics of programming and software development.
Equipos Scrum

Introduction to the world of the developer

Do you know what you would like to be doing over the next few years? Are you studying something that doesn’t motivate you? With this course you will be able to discover whether future career in computer programming is for you.

Other courses

Kanban is a method designed by David J. Anderson for workflow management, based on Lean Manufacturing. The Kanban board will all sound to us, and there is a general belief that the board is the whole of Kanban. However Kanban is much more. As it is said, Kanban is a method, and the board is...

In a world where corporate agility demands better connections between the strategic and the tactical, there is the fact that many managers are not aware of the strategy of their company, but the basic principles that should govern any corporate strategy so that they are able to understand how your management initiatives can help develop...

Social complexity shows that management deals mainly with people and their relationships, not about departments, processes, profits or technology. This invites us to see organizations as living systems. Management 3.0 is a global revolution in the world of people management, focused on leadership, innovation and management in 21st century organizations where agility and digital transformation...

DevOps is one of these “fashionable” concepts that everyone is talking about and everyone seems to have an opinion. But what is DevOps really? The definition of DevOps is commonly accepted as the application of techniques and tools by system operators and infrastructures to create a continuous flow of activity (integration, testing and deployment) between...

DevOps is actually a transformative movement in the corporate culture. Although it is based on technology and the tools that make it possible, its fundamental objective is not the implementation of such tools, but the cultural transformation of the company so that there are no separate departments of development and operations, but there is a...

A project manager usually takes care of the control of time and tasks, trying to minimise the drifts of scope and cost of the projects, therefore working exclusively on the tactical level. However, the development of a product requires strategic thinking and if it is also done in Agile mode, the focus of management changes...

Agile is in fashion. But what is Agile really? Typically, most people associate it erroneously with “speed” or do things faster. It is possible that we have even reached superficial notions such as “sprint”, “kanban” or “board with post-its” of which a simple reading can give us to understand an erroneous concept of agility, starting...

Knowing the users experience is not easy or immediate. It is not enough to imagine what the user may want. It is not enough to ask him, since many times the user does not know what he wants until it is not in front of him (Steve Jobs). Since we can not predict the response...

The trendy term is Digital Transformation. But, what is the Digital Transformation? What does it consist of? Implying? Why is it on everyone’s lips? There is no single definition for the term Digital Transformation, but we like to summarise it in the following way: how business models change, as a consequence of the emergence of...

Lean Startup is a methodology developed by Eric Ries to develop new business and products consisting of shortening product development cycles. For this, it adopts a combination of hypothesis-based experimentation, iterative product launches with which to obtain feedback from customers and validated learning to measure how much has been learned. The central hypothesis of Lean...

Project management is one of the most widespread management areas and, at the same time, not sufficiently understood within organisations. Regardless of the type of project or sector, there are a series of common concepts that are transversal to its management. Then, depending on the type of project, predictive, iterative, incremental, adaptive or mixed methods...

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