The Old Rockers Never Die

The Old Rockers Never Die

Developers over 40

Ana Isabel López tells us in this post, about the recruitment trends in our sector. A few days ago I found this article "The old programmers never die and Silicon Valley is realizing this" that made me reconcile with our industry.

As the article says, it seems that the sector understands that to be a good programmer you have to be young and experience is not important (and not only in Silicon Valley). At 40 you already seem to be very old to be a developer. They should have become a Project Manager or Manager. But what about people who do not like that sort of role or even have no capacity to perform these functions and their passion is to develop? To prosper and have recognition, you must stop doing what you like most? Unfortunately, it is what the market seems to understand.

Experience is leadership and much more

Amazon, however, is incorporating to its teams people with experience that bring leadership, responsibility, wisdom and technical decision making that does not imply technical debt. Great engineers are generally excellent teachers, and at Amazon they have a place in the executive and technical ranks, and I think the results they get are without doubt ("How AWS Cloud is demolishing the cult of youth").

In ASPgems, there are many people whose passion is technology and who want to continue developing their entire professional career. The average age of our people is not precisely 20 years. These professionals bring us all those qualities that the sector seems to have forgotten.

It is very nice to see someone else thinks like us, especially if that someone is Amazon.


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