Agile Solutions

Agile solutions

An agile solution is a complete IT solution of hardware, software and service that meets the needs of the user and includes operational capacity and maintenance.

An agile solution differs from a more traditional solution in that they are based on evolving development, through iterations and oriented to the end user and not in methodologies based on engineering oriented processes. This means a change of focus in the development of software that works in favour of the business logic:

  • It is not necessary to make complex design study and solution planning. The important thing is to get into the market place as soon as possible and evolve with it.
  • The development of the solution is agile: that is, we use tools, languages ​​and technologies that allow us to introduce changes quickly.
  • Progress occurs through iterative cycles that allow us to adapt, step by step, to the real demands of markets and users.
  • We re-evaluate the needs and demands of the solution as the project progresses.
  • The main value of the solution lies in the functionality developed and, above all, in the way the end users make use of that functionality.


We take care of providing the user with all this basic infrastructure in collaboration with our hosting provider and therefore make agile solutions easy for our customers, who do not have to worry about anything: they are given a url and do not have to hire or manage the associated technical infrastructure: the application that provides the service, the hardware, the networks, the maintenance, the backups (the backup copies). It also allows them to face without risk the difficult problem of the scalability of the solution, creating minimum viable products that are transformed into digital businesses.

Continuous Evolution

An agile solution is not a box that is sold to the customer and that’s it. Agile solutions are constantly evolving, are continually in beta, or perpetual beta. An agile solution is capable of evolving, of growing and adapting to the demands of end users. And this requires a technical and human accompaniment.

Key Maintenance

We must insist that maintenance is key, since the solution is always evolving. These are some of the typical examples:

  • New features not foreseen at the beginning of the project or modifications of existing ones.
  • New machines to meet the demand or peaks of service.
  • Changes in base technology (versions, improvements, etc).

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