Introduction to the Lean Startup Method

Curso lean startUp

Lean Startup is a methodology developed by Eric Ries to develop new business and products consisting of shortening product development cycles. For this, it adopts a combination of hypothesis-based experimentation, iterative product launches with which to obtain feedback from customers and validated learning to measure how much has been learned.

The central hypothesis of Lean Startup is that investing time in iterative construction products or services to meet the needs of the first customers, translates into a reduction in market risks, avoiding the need for large amounts of initial financing or large expenditures for launch a product

Directed at: Executive directors in charge of defining innovation strategies, HR managers who need to understand the need for strategic and innovative thinking in job profiles, Marketing, Data and Digitalisation directors who must understand how paradigm changes affect to corporate strategies. Product Owners, team leaders and leadership roles that must transmit the corporate strategy to their teams and align with them the management of them, …


Duration: The temporary space of the course covers 12 weeks (2 of them of pre-course) with an estimated student dedication, around 60 hours during these 12 weeks.

Info: If you want to know more about the course, fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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