Introduction to the Kanban Method

Curso kanban

Kanban is a method designed by David J. Anderson for workflow management, based on Lean Manufacturing. The Kanban board will all sound to us, and there is a general belief that the board is the whole of Kanban. However Kanban is much more. As it is said, Kanban is a method, and the board is only one part (the most visible) of that method. Less known are the practices, groups of principles, roles and Kanban events.

Kanban manages the workflow in pull mode (it is the process that requests the entry of new elements) and makes this work flow visible end to end: from generation of demand to delivery. To do this, it makes use of a set of signals that indicate the state of a certain item within the flow and uses a set of limits to avoid bottlenecks. The objective is to create a single piece flow, that is, an item passes through our work chain or process with as few interruptions as possible. Unlike what it may seem, what is managed in Kanban are not tickets or requests, but empty gaps, called work reset signals, which indicate that the system can support more tasks.

Directed at: Executive directors in charge of defining strategies, sales force involved in the sale of services or products, HR managers who need to understand the need for strategic thinking in job profiles, Product Owners, Roles with development functions, Architecture, Testing / QA, Dev, Operations / Step to production, …


Duration: The temporary space of the course covers 12 weeks (2 of them of pre-course) with an estimated student dedication, around 60 hours during these 12 weeks.

Info: If you want to know more about the course, fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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