Introduction to Agile

Curso agile

Agile is in fashion. But what is Agile really? Typically, most people associate it erroneously with “speed” or do things faster. It is possible that we have even reached superficial notions such as “sprint”, “kanban” or “board with post-its” of which a simple reading can give us to understand an erroneous concept of agility, starting with the myth that it is something “to develop SW”.

Directed at: Executive executives in charge of defining business strategies, sales force involved in the sale of services or products, Project Managers, Product Owner, HR personnel that must identify Agile skills and abilities when defining new positions of work in the organisation, …


Duration: The temporary space of the course covers 12 weeks (2 of them of pre-course) with an estimated student dedication, around 60 hours during these 12 weeks.

Info: If you want to know more about the course, fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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