Corporate Strategy and Innovation

Curso estrategia corporativa

In a world where corporate agility demands better connections between the strategic and the tactical, there is the fact that many managers are not aware of the strategy of their company, but the basic principles that should govern any corporate strategy so that they are able to understand how your management initiatives can help develop a successful business strategy.

This lack of strategic knowledge is causing many professional profiles to have difficulties in adapting to new forms of work arising from the digital transformation, and the 21st century professional will be demanding three very specific skills for which they have not have been trained in  nor have they been exposed to through experience: Strategic thinking, Adaptation to change, Problem solving with full customer orientation.

Directed to: Executive directors in charge of defining strategies, sales force involved in the sale of services or products, HR managers who need to understand the need for strategic thinking in job profiles, Product Owners, Roles with development functions, Architecture, Testing / QA, Dev, Operations / Step to production, …


Duration: The temporary space of the course covers 12 weeks (2 of them of pre-course) with an estimated student dedication, around 60 hours during these 12 weeks.

Info: If you want to know more about the course, fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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