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Vue router is the main router component for handling routes in Vue, and it’s really powerful. It has a great documentation you can check here.

We are developing an application with the following layout:


"Think about customers, not about investors"

Interview to Agustín Cuenca at El Confidencial.

ASPgems signs an strategic agreement with Techedge for the development of products on Rails in Spain
Techedge España, leader supplier of software solutions for IT management ,SAP consultancy and Global Technology Partner of SAP, has signed an strategic agreement worldwide with the company ASPgems, Spanish firm specialized in using agile methodologies for software development.
Once more we are participating at  Drupal Global Trainning Day

Next February 12th our Drupal team wil be doing Drupal training workshops for beginners , framed in the worldwide Global Traning Day.

ASPtrends: technological space  business

We set up our first meeting talking about software development methodologies


We discuss about pros and cons of Ruby.

What does a developer do?

At ASPgems we are launching ...


Knowing the rules of chess doesn´t make you a good chess player; as having skills programming doesn´t turn you into a good developer .

The experience of doing pair programming at  ASPgems

The experience of doing pair programming at ASPgems using Ruby on Rails

New ASPgems Chair in the University of Extremadura

The University of Extremadura creates the ASPgems Chair for the promotion of teaching, investigation and the broadcasting of knowledge in the environment of digital tools development and data analysis. Among the projects of investigation, you can find the analytics learning application in Neurok or the improvement of successs ratio in online training.


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