The values we believe in

Our work is based on values, that’s why we would like to share what is important to us during a software development project.


We believe in the Agile Manifiesto, and also in the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto.


We believe in the balance between the computer science, as described in software development books, and “the real world”. The culture of development is what we are left with after we forget what has already been learnt.


We are a “life style business” not a startup with ambition to grow fast and sell up.


We value the experience of the developers, we understand the value that their experience brings, and we respect their criteria and their passion for their work.


We believe in the construction of collective knowledge. Sharing creates value, and in software development especially, we are more than just a group of developers together.


We believe in the free software community, and that we must give our “2 cents” back to the community.


Things are supposed to be the same in theory as in practice, but the reality is that in practice they are not. That is why we believe in pragmatism when it comes to developing projects.


We believe that learning is a substantial part of our day to day work. We like to change and learn.


We believe in being profitable so we can go in the direction we want and have the time to do it.


We believe and invest in ideas, people and products that we like to  give sustainability to our business project.

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