Would you like to join our team?

We’re turning the tables. We want you to be the one who interviews us.

Our values

Passion for what we do

We are aware that being developers we are extremely lucky to live in an age where we can make a living from what we enjoy and also choose where, how and with whom to work. We believe that in order to be happy, it’s necessary to dedicate our time to what we enjoy doing most. At ASPgems we do exactly that.


We believe in transparency, and we believe that information in the hands of committed, mature and responsible people can only have positive effects.

This is why we have internal communication mechanisms so that everyone can be aware of what is going on in our company: our CEO Agustin gives a weekly updates on clients and projects, channels are open by default in slack and there is freedom to attend any meeting even if you aren’t personally involved in the project: commercial meetings, product meetings, marketing… we even invite you to the shareholder meetings!

Self-confidence and autonomy

We have a model based on trust and autonomy. We believe that the teams have enough judgment and experience to make the best decisions at any given time, as well as to ask for help when needed. We forget about hierarchies and rigid processes.

Our motto: it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. And when we are wrong… we have learned something.


At ASPgems we work around self-management of time: we do not have rigid schedules because we understand that everyone makes sure that the project is not affected by personal issues. The quality of what we do starts with ourselves, we are the first to raise our hand if we see a problem, or if we see that the commitments made within a project are at risk. Everyone is responsible for making sure that their project goes as well as possible because that is what we believe in and strive for.

Our definition of quality

Our definition of quality is based on three pillars: happy customer, happy team and happy company.

If one of these three parameters shifts during the course of the project, we investigate and adapt the project in order to iron out any creases.

Balance between theory and the real world

In theory, things are the same in theory as in practice, but in practice, they are not. That’s why we believe in pragmatism when it comes to developing projects. We like to be more practical than theoretical. We understand that theory is a tool that helps us to model and identify problems, but at the end of the day, every project has circumstances that theory cannot cover. We understand that a good developer is one who knows when to skip theory.

Our way of doing projects

Sin especificaciones cerradas

No closed specifications

Hacer un proyecto con especificaciones cerradas es tan fácil como caminar sobre el agua: lo único que necesitamos es que tanto el agua como los requisitos estén congelados. Sin embargo, sabemos que en el mundo del desarrollo web el mundo es tan cambiante, incierto y volátil, que es imposible congelar los requisitos. Por esto no hacemos nunca proyectos con alcances cerrados porque no sabemos hacerlos. La diferencia con otras empresas de software es que nosotros te lo decimos.
Importante no saber

It's more important what you don't know than what you do know

As we live in a forever changing world, we must focus on what we don’t know and what we are not sure about, be it tools, data model design, functionalities and business requirements. It’s important to not only excel with what we already know, but to be aware of what we don’t know, therein lies remedy thus minimizing risks.

Agile Manifesto and Craftsmanship Software

We believe in the Agile Manifesto, and also in the manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. If you don’t know them, this is a good time to start. At ASPgems it’s part of our DNA.


Lean is a management model that we implement in ASPgems oriented to digital transformation. Basically it does all the right things, minimizing the expenses (hours, lines of code, resources…) while being agile and flexible. The digital transformation needs a learning exercise: hypothesis, test, measurement and new hypothesis. Digital transformation is an adaptive challenge that requires changes in people and in the way of developing new business models.


We put DevOps into practice, that is, the set of principles, practices and tools that are used in technological equipment. We emphasize again the importance of the team, of shared knowledge, of eliminating barriers and generating empathy. We have even launched a course to learn DevOps in 16 weeks.

How we organize ourselves

Remote Working


On a Wednesday every three weeks, the whole team meets at the Madrid office. We take the opportunity to present talks, proposals, speak about development, not only the earthly but also the divine. We like to get together and eat (we have a famous ASPgems BBQ) or taste home-brewed beers, courtesy of a team member. In case you are wondering, all travel and accommodation expenses are paid by Aspgems.
All together

The ‘all together day’

On a Wednesday every three weeks, the whole team meets at the Madrid office. We take the opportunity to present talks, proposals, speak about development, not only the earthly but also the divine. We like to get together and eat (we have a famous ASPgems BBQ) or taste home-brewed beers, courtesy of a team member. In case you are wondering, all travel and accommodation expenses are paid by Aspgems.

Who we are

We are 52 team members located in different cities, both Spanish and European. Our main office is in Madrid, in addition, we have offices in Cáceres, Jaén and Albacete.

We have colleagues who are musicians, others are cooks and really show it in the BBQ, a lot of us are big sports fans. We are triathletes, cyclists, CrossFit lovers, and even some kind of improvised boxing can be seen in the office garden from time to time.

Our technology stack (radars)

At ASPgems we continuously update our technology stack. Through our radar, you can have a look at the technologies we use and the level of experience.

Minimum requirements to join our team

English speaker


You can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk?
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Bacic Programming skills

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How can we get to know each other?

We’ve turned it around: it’s you who sets the pace

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Welcome to the reversed selection process

Let’s be honest: we live in an era where there is more job supply than demand in IT.

Why does the selection process remain obscure and seem to be examining us?

At ASPgems we know that discourses like ours are abundant. But we also know that very few companies truly live up to their values. That’s why we want you to really get to know us. We want you to be the one to interview us. For two reasons:

We think it’s a good way to demonstrate that what we say is accurate.

We don’t hire people based on whether we have a project or not. We hire people who want to spend a long period of their professional life with us. We want you to get to know us as well as possible before you decide whether or not to join us.

In this selection process it is the candidate who chooses what they want to talk about and with whom. We ensure that you are the one who chooses us to work with.

Moreover, you don’t need to send us your CV, just send us an email to jobs@aspgems.com

To give you an idea of what we would usually speak about with you, here is a list of questions we usually ask to get an idea of who you are, what you are looking for and if we are destined to work together:

Where do you see yourself in the next five years and doing what?
What is the last thing you learned (not necessarily technical)?
Tell us something you find interesting about your work experience.
Are you more of a back or front person? Do you like systems? What about HTML and CSS?
What do you like most about your work?
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How does this reverse interview actually work?

We ask that you talk to different people at ASPgems about at least three different topics in order to get a good idea of who we are and how we work: technology, project management, life, the universe, anything you like.

Let’s talk about:


We want to tell you what we do and understand what you do, what you’re into or what you like about technology.

Who: Choose anyone from the development team and if you can’t decide, we recommend that you talk to Dani Mata: partner and technical manager of our product.

Methodology and projects

We want to talk to you about methodologies and practices and, above all, we would like to tell you how we do it.

Who: In this case, our recommendation is that you talk to Ana Isabel López, founding partner and responsible for making things happen.

Life, the universe and anything you like

We want to hear about what you are looking for in order to understand if ASPgems can give it to you. In addition, we also want to speak about our vision and way of understanding work, technology and life in general.

Who: Choose whoever you want and, if you can’t decide, we recommend that you talk to Javi Lafora. He is also a partner and the CTO of the company.

Your level of English

We have a great English teacher working at ASPgems. His name is Stefan, talk to him and find out your level of English in relation to the rest of the company.


  • We have an office in Madrid (Aravaca).
  • In the office in Cáceres.
  • You can choose hangouts.
  • In a bar (the beers are on us).
  • Come to the office on a Wednesday for lunch (also on us).
  • Come to work or study a whole day (or more) with us.

Can’t wait to meet us?


Decide who you would like to talk to

Choose where you would like to meet (remember, we will pay the bill)

Tell us what day and time is good for you so we can arrange a date

Send everything to

ASPgems icon
C/ Sextante, 9
28023 Madrid,

Join us.